The undeniable power of Purpose

Is there a better story in sport today than the @NHL’s Las Vegas Golden Knights? A team of castoffs that other teams released, they are now battling it out in the Stanley Cup Finals in their first year as a team. At the start of the season they were 500 to 1 odds to win; now they are favoured to win.

The players, coach and GM on this team were all told they were not good enough to play on other teams, and were either fired, left unprotected, or traded. Led by the nicest guy in hockey, Marc Andre Fleury, the players and staff arrived in Vegas hoping just to be competitive. When the horrible shooting took place on October 1, they stood up and became the city’s team starting with an emotional opening game ceremony dedicated to helping the city heal. That gave them a higher purpose.

This team has more to prove than anyone else in the sport. As individuals, they are out to prove that those who fired them were wrong. As a team, they are out to inspire the city by doing the impossible. They have put aside egos and bonded together on a much deeper level than just “winning”.

No one ever imagined that they would come this far – except them. Now they have nothing to lose and everything to prove.

It is the power of Purpose. Don’t ever bet against it.