Story Programs

Equip Your Team

Storytelling Training

Our “best-in-the-world” training programs – Storytelling for Leaders and Storytelling for Sales are 1 or 2 day workshops followed by a 6 month Deliberate Practice Program.

They will help your team to:

  • Understand the power of using Five Level stories in a business environment
  • Become better listeners and storytellers
  • Learn several basic story patterns they can use every day
  • Start to build a story library that they can draw from in different situations
  • Improve their leadership and sales performance by engaging their audiences on Five Levels
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Story Activation Programs

In our Activation Programs, we work with you to discover, craft, and share your organization’s most important stories. These are typically videoed for most effective distribution.

These may be:

  • Customer Success Stories to support the sales team
  • Internal stories to use in your recruitment activities
  • Your Origin Story
  • Stories to show your Values in action
  • “War stories”

Outcome: your company will have a core set of memorable stories which are broadly known, shared, and used every day to your advantage.