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We all know that single serve coffee systems are so bad for the environment that even John Sylvan, creator of the Keurig pod system, says wishes he hadn’t invented it. Several years ago I threw out my Tassimo coffee machine. I could no longer live with the fact that I could not recycle the used pods, a toxic mix of plastic and aluminum.

In its place, I got a @Nespresso machine, in no small part because they were the only manufacturer that has a bona fide recycling program. Uniquely, their pods are 100% aluminum. Return the used pods to a Nespresso store or The Bay in bags they provide and the aluminum pods are completely recycled and the coffee grounds composted. I have dutifully taken dozens of bags of used pods back to them since. Not a single Nespresso pod has gone into my garbage (or recycling).

Well, they have now upped the game by introducing recycling Postage bags that users fill with used pods, seal, and drop in any Canada Post mailbox or Post Office, where they are returned pre-paid to Nespresso for recycling. Yup, Nespresso pays to get the used pods back.

There are over 6000 post offices in Canada and almost 9000 post boxes. With 15,000 new places to drop off used pods and zero cost to the consumer, Nespresso has eliminated any excuse for Canadian users not recycling.

Thanks for putting your money where our mouths are Nespresso!