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At The Mark of a Leader, we’re passionate about inspiring performance with 5-level stories. Company origin stories, sales success stories, stories that inspire and help build a culture – we love them all.

We’re so passionate about business stories we’re giving away a free keynote presentation from Doug Keeley*.

Doug normally charges $12,500 or more for one of our unforgettable story keynotes, and you can get it free at any conference of your choice (subject to his availability)*.

Are you kidding!!??

No, we’re not. Doug will come and deliver a 60-90 minute “tour de force” experiential keynote at your meeting to inspire your audience to be better leaders and to use stories to raise their game.

Whether your audience is 60 people or 6000, he will challenge and motivate them! This is the same presentation that Doug and his partner Tim Magwood regularly deliver to clients like Bayer, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Pepsi, Starbucks, and TD Bank.

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What do you have to do to win!?

We want to hear your best business story. Here are some possible examples:

  • your company origin story and what it means to your people or customers
  • an incredible “above and beyond” performance
  • a story that shows one of your company values in action.

Share any great business story from your company or career!

How to Enter:
Video yourself telling the story on your phone, tablet, or camera (shoot horizontal please!). The only rule: the video must be 3 minutes or less. If you can’t tell it in under 3, it’s too long and will be disqualified.

A panel including Doug, Tim, and two impartial story experts will judge the best story,  and the lucky storyteller wins the keynote!

No strings, nothing complicated. The best story wins the keynote – a value of over $12,500! *

We’ll be looking for:
1) A great business story – we go “wow”
2) A well told, easy-to-follow story

3) A clear business point from the story
4) A passionate and engaging delivery.

Send us your video or a link to it on a server by Friday, December 14 8 PM EST.
We’ll do the rest. Winners will be announced by Friday, December 21 at 8 pm EST. Nice Christmas gift!

Everyone who submits a story will get a free copy of Doug’s amazing e-book “The Mark of a Leader".

You can send two stories per person – they will all be judged on their own merit. Just follow the “3 minutes or less, horizontal format” (hold the phone sideways) rules.

If you have a meeting coming up and don’t have a budget for a great speaker. If your people need some inspiration.  Of if you just like saving your organization money, send us your stories!!!!

Please send your video or link to

* Any expenses associated with Doug attending your meeting – including but not limited to travel, accommodation, meals, and projection/sound from his laptop at the meeting – will be billed to you. But there will be no speaker fee for Doug – a $12,500+ value.

** By submitting your story, you agree to allow us to promote your company and your story and show the video in our ongoing promotional efforts. You have our word that it will all be a positive promotion for your organization.