June 5th 2018

Storytelling for Leaders Executive Breakfast


You’re talking, but is your team paying attention?

As a leader, your job is to get your people to perform at their best. The only way that can happen is if your messages are clear, engaging, and sticky.

If you aren’t using stories, odds are they aren’t.

The most powerful communication tool leaders have in business today is stories. Sadly, very few leaders use stories strategically and even fewer train to improve their storytelling and listening skills.

Our Storytelling for Leaders training program has been used by companies like Microsoft, KPMG, Shell and may others around the world to transform their leadership skills. And we are offering an introduction to the program at a special breakfast session on Tuesday June 5 at the Toronto Board of Trade.

At this session you will learn the basics of how to use Five Level storytelling in a leadership role to establish rapport, and to clarify complex issues to influence behavior. We will also show you how to recognize story patterns so you can capture stories as you hear them.

You will leave with practical tools that you can put to work immediately, including the start of a story library that will become part of your leadership toolkit.

Early Bird Tickets are limited. Register today!