At The Mark of a Leader, our mission is to help clients improve performance and build stronger cultures using the power of Five Level Stories. We do this through speaking at events, running training programs, and conducting Five Level Story and Culture Programs.

Five Level Stories are very different from typical One Level Stories because they cause behaviour change, and they stick. So they are a core element of any strong culture.




We help you turn conferences into transformational events by using our incredible library of Five Level Stories in keynotes and workshops, and while MC’ing.




In our advanced programs, we train your team to be better listeners and storytellers and then equip them to discover, craft, and use Five Level Stories strategically.



A five level story is one that touches people on all five of our human levels:

SPIRIT – Something bigger than we are

IMAGINATION – Doing different things, differently

INTELLECT – The strategy, plan, numbers

HEART – Our passion

HANDS – Bringing ideas to life, execution 


When all five levels are working together, we can do anything.

Five Level engagement makes the difference between Good and Great performance.



Doug Keeley and Tim Magwood are both experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders who have built successful businesses and worked with hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies over the past 30 years.

Doug Keeley

Tim Magwood



Since we began in 2004, we have presented our stories at almost a thousand conferences and workshops, and touched hundreds of thousands of people.

Here are some sample testimonials from a variety of clients. We’re happy to provide references from any of them.

Tony Cassetta – Nokia

“Doug Keeley, from The Mark of a Leader, and his storytelling capability created the best conference we’ve ever had!”

Deepa Hammond – IBM Australia

“Turning a case study into a story is something we’re not so good at, and Tim showed us and the IBM team how to do that, and it was fabulous!”

Jed Ayres – IGEL Technologies

“I can unequivocally recommend Doug Keeley for events as well as storytelling workshops!”

Keith Barnett – Microsoft

“It was amazing! Was one of the best hosts that we’ve had, and this is our 13th year at the event, so I definitely recommend Doug and Mark of a Leader at your event.”

Greg Smith – Crawford & Company

“It was overwhelmingly well received by everybody, from the CEO to the Head of Human Resources.”

Ryan Sequeira – SOTI

Every single year they keep asking – “What is Doug going to do next?”

Joseph Khoja – Goodlife Fitness

“This is the second time we’ve worked with Tim, and we have plans to do so again. Would highly recommend him, tremendous talent, great content, everybody loved him!”

Jeff Doan – Stanley Park Creative

“The feedback we had from the physicians that attended these events, were that they were some of the best events they had and the workshops were great.”

Bernie Koth – The Wynford Group

“The Mark of a Leader is a guarantee for your meeting.”

Kevin Prins –  BMO

“We’re all quite excited about going forward, sharing stories with our clients and helping improve our business and helping our clients also improve their businesses.”



The Mark of a Leader e-book has many of the most popular live stories and many more. Be challenged and inspired by these incredible stories of ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.